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Axxel Capital has extensive experience in the Environmental and Waste Management industry. In fact, it’s one of the sectors that we have worked most closely with over the years. Our deep expertise in this field enable us to find the right opportunity for you, specifically in relation to:

  • Recycling

  • Landfill

  • Hauling

Case Study:
Sell-side Representation for Le Géant du Conteneur

About the Company

Le Géant du Conteneur and its affiliates is a vertically integrated waste management Canadian company that has been operating for more than 25 years for the Greater Montreal area. The company specializes in solid and dry waste management. 

Deal Background

Le Géant du Conteneur was exploring an acquisition, and had received a term sheet from a prospective buyer. The acquirer was a qualified, strategic party, being they were much larger, well capitalized, and had a compelling thesis behind their acquisition interest. However, the CEO of Le Géant du Conteneur was inexperienced in M&A dealings as this was his first transaction, and wanted to make sure he was getting full value for his business. Having known Axxel Capital for many years, the CEO expressed interest in having an M&A specialist on board with domain expertise in cloud services, to advise on the existing offer, as well as source additional acquisition options to ensure the most optimal outcome. The offer on the table was at a strong multiple, yet was only 2/3 cash, and 1/3 in seller note.

Transaction Process

HRC engaged with the incumbent buyer on their offer while reaching out to a targeted strategic buyer universe, including the folks who expressed interest previously. HRC advised C9 that the incumbent offer was not a market deal, in that the seller note component should be either in all cash or more front-ended, vs. a balloon payment in year 5. To substantiate this guidance, HRC received additional term sheets from its strategic network, one being an all-cash deal at the original valuation, which was very well received by the C9 shareholders.



more cash at closing


higher valuation

Axxel is a dynamic and rigorous company that led our transaction masterfully. Jean-Michel Zakhour’s team did a thorough analysis before presenting our company on the market and managed the negotiations with expertise. Axxel was always available to accompany us, support us and reassure us in the long process of due diligence and we made an excellent transaction.

Bianca Freeman, President | Le Géant du Conteneur

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